NPFR specializes in African American and Minority Outreach in nearly 40 cities across the country. We work with hundreds of minority organizations. Our National Minority Health Fairs are designed for Diversity Patient Education Outreach and has proven to be an effective tool for hard-to-reach African American audiences. For companies launching new products, conducting clinical research trials, or introducing patients to treatment options previously unfamiliar to them, Our NMHF program can help.

The purpose of the National Minority Health Fairs is to develop and implement patient education programs, helping to eliminate health disparities among minorities. We reach millions of minorities yearly through our partnerships, including such groups as the National Baptists, African American Expos and Festivals and conventions that reach millions of African Americans and minorities annually.

We Utilize TWO Approaches for Best Return On Your Investment:

Option #1 – Exhibiting: For companies with medical products, health and disease information, clinical trials targeted to African Americans, exhibiting or distributing clinical and disease information can be an invaluable tool to gaining trust. We team up and partner with Annual Conventions, Conferences and National Minority Health Fairs around the country. We work with nearly 200 African American and Hispanic fraternities, sororities, churches, community organizations, business groups, educators, professional clubs, corporate health fairs, alumni groups and disease-related associations.

African American and Hispanic American Conventions. Most organizations meet annually in different cities, usually the same month each year. We place medical and health products companies with our partner conventions, expos or festivals, providing our clients with an opportunity to access specific audiences for specific messages within many of these events. We use our local consultant network and organizational partners to man your exhibits and work the conventions for information, product “branding” and disease education targeted to (include) African Americans and Hispanics. We do the work for you; putting YOUR information directly in the hands of our audiences around the country because our surveys offer them a gift bag with health, trial and disease information-- YOUR information.

Our Diversity Patient Education Outreach programs can place vital (and also digital and virtual) information in front of millions of minorities. And, your partnering with us at these events offers a unique opportunity to educate about health, diseases, treatment options, clinical trials, and gather information. This is information no one else will have, and which could be vital to your company’s statistical, demographic analysis for your future market metrics for health information, products, services and clinical trials.

Option #2 –Surveying, Market Research: In addition to your company’s distribution of product disease and clinical options, you can also opt-in for Personalized Company face-to-face surveys designed to gauge what you need to know: demographics, acceptance levels, knowledge and psycho-graphics of our event-based minority audiences. We analyze and chart these statistics and send to you with our report following the events. We can also work to help you develop mobile text web surveys, audio and viral video links on our web sites.

• Metrics: Surveys of our audiences can be extremely valuable to companies who wish to INCLUDE minorities in product marketing, or educate about treatment options or clinical trials. Surveys provide your company with important, REAL-TIME, data about various minority audiences and offer an opportunity to gather “one-of-a-kind” metrics for your company.

We develop Generic Surveys that are easy to answer and administered ON-SITE by their “peers” who can put them at ease about answering questions. The Field Research Surveys are designed to gauge their knowledge and sources of health information access, disease education interests and level of openness to participating in clinical trials.

Special Projects: You may OPT for us to develop more strategic surveys in order to obtain even more specific demographic information from this experience. We can also conduct ON-site, REAL-TIME (small) focus groups to collect data and marketing statistics for those companies who are interested in distributing product education information.

Remember: YOUR personalized survey data will be available to no one else, and it could also be vital to your company’s minority analysis for future marketing of products or trials that include minorities.

Finally, the National Minority Health Fairs, coupled with our national partnerships will foster increased understanding of diseases which critically affect African Americans and minorities. This contributes to our GOAL of eliminating health disparities. The health fairs focus is upon ways that contribute to the improvement of patient care. This research helps us to create the tools to better educate this audience.

How to participate and partner to reach thousands?

For Health and Product Information Outreach - Any of the following is preferable: Disease Educational Materials, any Product information. For health demonstrations and coupon distribution need instructions- if company rep is not available. NOTE: Sample, seasonal specialty gifts and novelty items are also desirable as thanks to survey participants who are seeking health information and accounts for about 60%.

Surveys and Focus Groups: NPFR PROJECT provides services to conduct on-site focus groups at large conferences and events. Our market study experts can screen for various types of responses, from product, health, clinical trials or treatment option questions. We suggest a stipend, which will be receipted, for participants. This can also be either product, or gift for Focus Group participants.

Generic Surveys for most diseases. Generic Surveys related to family history, health disease knowledge, product familiarity and disease education needs. We utilize on-site consultants and provide photos, report on event and diversity outreach survey results. We can also collect databases of participants interested in more information about your products or trial. Collection of Participant Databases priced separately.

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Educational Outreach Components

The CEDRICT project has developed a patient and community health education project entitled: "African American Health Matters", a mobile text message service that reminds subscribing African Americans of all ages about health matters critical to their daily lives. The Mobile Health Text Message Service kicked off September 19, 2009 with nearly 5,000 ground-zero subscribers. In less than a year over 50,000 subscribers receive monthly and bi-monthly health tips messages. The companion web site,, allows the health text message service to tap into a younger group of African Americans, and the professionals, educators and black entrepreneurs.

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