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"African American Health Matters has created a series of special events to educate targeted population and community leaders about health issues and clinical trials.

Fabulous 50 to SEXY at 60 Dinner Lecture Series

Clinical Trials Education Partnered Events:
a. NMA (National Medical Association) Clinical Trials Forums & Town Hall Meetings
b. CISCRP (Center for Information and Study of Clinical Research Participants) AWARE For ALL Conferences
c. NBLIC III (National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer)

"African American Health Matters" Health Education Lecture Series and Partnered Events will target 3-4 cities between September 2010 – June 2011. We will combine a trio of produced and partnered events to educate about health matters and chronic diseases that affect this population, conduct field research, register participants for African American Health Matters mobile health text message service and create a CALL TO ACTION to community leaders that will provide resources and continuing education to their constituencies about priority health matters in their communities. (1-2 cities)21

Fabulous 50 to SEXY at 60 Dinner Lecture Series

"Fabulous 50 to SEXY at 60" Lecture Series is designed to bring community leaders, survivors, doctors, churches and other leaders together for dialogue about health care disparities within the African American population and chronic diseases that critically affect African American Baby Boomers, target age 35 – 60 and older.

The ultimate design of the Lecture Series is to leave behind a CALL TO ACTION Coalition that will plan ongoing quarterly health event and take health, disease and clinical trials education throughout their city to churches, community groups and the under served communities.

The first "Fabulous 50 to Sexy at 60" Lecture Series for 2010 is scheduled for September 17 in Dallas, TX. The Dinner Lecture will focus upon Prostate and Colon Cancer

Links to view previous Lecture series are:

The Dallas “Fabulous 50 to Sexy at 60: Prostate/Colon Cancer 101 Dinner Lecture Series" will be a mini evening conference to educate and challenge the audience and panel participants whose purpose is to:

  • Develop—on the –spot, ongoing strategies using patient and physician exchange to support a CALL TO ACTION: "It’s A Family Affair" Coalition to emphasize the importance of the "village" approach to health education outreach. And, ask for a one-year commitment could change the community health education opportunities for Prostate and Colon Cancer.
  • Explore new ways to overcome racial disparities in health and clinical trials through communications with new and innovative "continuing health and clinical trials education tools."
  • Register participants into African American Health Matters, mobile health text message service to further develop a patient information and navigation system for follow-up, resources, and health information. NOTE: Our Surveys show that Resource most needed by respondents were those accessible through sources outside of a usual clinical environment.

Local African American radio DJ’s, TV news anchors and health talk show hosts are recruited to moderate the series. Doctors and medical professionals discuss new discoveries and treatment options. Participants receive Pre-Test and Post-Test surveys, CEDRICT Field Research, and registered into African American Health Matters mobile health text message service. The panel speakers will be audio taped and edited for future use on the African American Health Matters Cyberstation radio show airing.

The Detroit “Prostate Cancer 101” prototype began the first CALL TO ACTION COALITION in 2004 that still is active in 2010.

Instructional Methods for the Lecture Series will be multi-dimensional in scope, in that the educational component of this project reaches far beyond the actual event—starting before the event:

Pre-event educational components:

  1. Developed media outreach includes educational radio and TV interviews with guest speakers in preparation for Lecture Series and announcements in key church medias.
  2. Local Radio DJ Partners for "Fabulous 50 to SEXY at 60": who promote "Fabulous 50 to SEXY at 60" on their radio stations, will be provided with disease-related educational materials, and CALL TO ACTION: It’s A Family Affair coalition registration information.
  3. Businesses who agree to in-store promotions to support "Fabulous 50 to SEXY at 60” will help support community awareness about prostate and colon cancer.

Event educational components:

  1. FABULOUS 50 TO SEXY AT 60 features panel of physicians, survivors, health care facilitators and disease education specialists. (See Agenda attached)
  2. On-site screening area can often feature hypertension, cholesterol, prostate, and counseling in BPH, erectile dysfunction, colon cancer and other diseases.
  3. Educational materials are available about cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension, prostate, colon, breast cancer, and other diseases.
  4. The ending segment, taken from the Detroit prototype, will include survivors, newly diagnosed, wives of survivors sharing emotional stories from discovery of disease to life during and after treatment to encourage the CALL TO ACTION.

Post-event educational component:

  1. Surveys are taken at "Fabulous 50 to SEXY at 60" and analyzed. (a) Pre-test knowledge of a specific disease and Post-test knowledge (after hearing speakers) will be given. (b) Health surveys are taken to gauge knowledge, attitude and need/ desire for better health access, knowledge and resources related to clinical trials and desire for future lectures series,
  2. Formation CALL TO ACTION Coalition: It’s A Family Affair: CALL TO ACTION PARTICIPANTS’ OBJECTIVES are to schedule a FIRST MEETING within three months following Lecture with quarterly Lecture Series or activities to support ongoing health and clinical research education. The First Coalition gathering will be scheduled on-site to take place within 90 days of Lecture Series.

Outcomes, Evaluation
Pre and Post Tests22 of taken of all participants; usually includes disease questions not included in evening discussion. Evaluation and testimonials are prepared within 3-4 months of Lecture Series.

The CALL TO ACTION Coalition23 is part of a strategy to reach and educate African Americans both about disease condition and clinical trials. It will also survey the impact of clinical trials within the community. For example, there is a need to look at cost of childcare, transportation, and time off from work, time reimbursement and other factors. We know that Clinical Recruiters want to recruit minorities, but they don’t want to spend extra money to do it. Whether it’s because of the high cost of drug development, or because they don’t know how, the fact remains, not enough financial resources go directly into outreaching to this audience. Participation in local coalitions could help establish more effective educational outreach, recruitment methods and contribute to new policies for expanding this type of outreach

Partnered Clinical Trials Education Events
a. National Medical Association (NMA) Project IMPACT
b. Center for Information and the Study of Clinical Research Participants (CISCRP)
c. National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer III (NBLIC)

a. National Medical Association’s Forum and Town Hall Meetings are part of the Project IMPACT goal to (Increase Minority Participation and Awareness in Clinical Trials) of African American physicians and consumers in all aspects of biomedical research and clinical trials.

(Increase Minority Participation and Awareness in Clinical Trials)

Clinical trials research is the basis for the clinical decision-making used in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and development of health policies that guide medical interventions. Numerous studies have revealed racial differences not only with regard to disease epidemiology, but also drug response and disposition. Project IMPACT addresses three (3) areas for which there is a detailed overview and methodology:

  • The African-American community generally distrusts the medical community
  • There are insufficient numbers of African-American physicians engaged in biomedical and clinical research
  • The inadequate representation of African-Americans in biomedical and clinical research has a negative impact on the quality of medical care

Recently Project Impact began a series of Conferences and Town Hall Meeting called “Partners in Health: Our community making a difference in Medicine". CECRICT has partnered with NMA over the years and the two have explored opportunities to combine their network offerings for greater impact for mutual benefit in 2010-2011.

For complete description: http://nmanet.org/index.php?/NatProgList/ctpri/#PD

Project IMPACT is donating materials to CEDRICT for our outreach.

b. Center for Information and the Study of Clinical Research Participants (CISCRP) conducts educational forums, conferences and symposiums.

CISCRP organizes and hosts the AWARE for All - Clinical Research Day.

These educational programs are held in metropolitan areas and are free and open to the public. They include thank you receptions for local clinical research participants, informational workshops with renowned physicians and researchers, health screenings and additional educational resources.

AWARE for All is an educational program that is free and open to the public for the purpose of providing education to help people make informed decisions about clinical research participation. We will bring a segment of the AWARE Program into our Events.

For complete description: http://www.ciscrp.org/patient/aware/about.html

CISCRP is donating materials to CEDRICT for our outreach.

National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer (NBLIC)

NPFR has partnered with NBLIC for over 6 years. The establishment of the National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer (NBLIC) was a groundbreaking attempt to mobilize scientists, community leaders, community-based organizations, government officials, academicians, and other stakeholders throughout the U.S. in an effort to address the disproportionate cancer burden facing African Americans. In a collaborative approach that calls on all partners to contribute their unique strengths and share responsibilities, NBLIC has involved the community as a social and cultural entity integral to all aspects of the initiative's work.

For nearly 7 years and in over 27 cities, NBLIC III and NPFR partner for health and clinical trials research references and education. In June 2010, CECDRICT’S NBLIC member partner will help during their Men’s Health Summit, Memphis, TN, by conducting field research and signing members up for "African American Health Matters mobile health text messaging service. CEDRICT assisted group in securing free clinical trials educational materials. This shows how partnerships work both ways. Numerous other NBLIC Partner event occur throughout the summer and fall.

For complete description: http://www.nblic.org/welcome.htm


The NMA’s Forum and town Hall meetings began in the Spring 2010. They have asked that NPFR assist them in expanding to other cities, including Dallas, Raleigh, Birmingham and Memphis. We will work with them in 2010 to research hosts, connect with our networks and outreach for community and media support.

CISCRP has a well-established AWARE FOR ALL CONFERENCE, which provides educational tools, including brochures and DVD’s for African Americans.

The NBLIC’s network allows us to plan events in practically any major U.S. city. We best utilize their networks to assure success of local and regional events by partnering, utilizing conference expertise, clinical trials and disease educational materials.

Outcomes, Evaluation

We will partner with NMA, NBLIC and CISCRP to evaluate impact of our participation and contribution to these events, as well as add to the tools available to African Americans to outreach for information about clinical trials. We will work jointly with each organization to survey and tally results of our combined impact on their audiences.

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National Physician and Family Referral (NPFR) Project
14902 Preston Road, #404-744, Dallas, TX 75254
See also: http://www.africanamericanhealthmatters.com

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Educational Outreach Components

The CEDRICT project has developed a patient and community health education project entitled: "African American Health Matters", a mobile text message service that reminds subscribing African Americans of all ages about health matters critical to their daily lives. The Mobile Health Text Message Service kicked off September 19, 2009 with nearly 5,000 ground-zero subscribers. In less than a year over 50,000 subscribers receive monthly and bi-monthly health tips messages. The companion web site, http://www.africanamericanhealthmatters.com, allows the health text message service to tap into a younger group of African Americans, and the professionals, educators and black entrepreneurs.

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