C.E.D.R.I.C.T. Overview: What it is, how it works

A. CEDRICT: Field Research Component
In 2009, NPFR launched a "GROUND ZERO," field research called C.E.D.R.I.C.T. (Coalition to Eliminate Disparities and to Research Inclusion in Clinical Trials). C.E.D.R.I.C.T. gathers information about the health education needs and access to clinical trials of African Americans from THEIR point of view. It measured attitudes about access to current health information, and their willingness to participate in clinical trials under various conditions. The research represented more than 20 major cities, utilizing field surveys and focus groups to large groups of African Americans. The goals of CEDRICT are to

  • Explore opportunities to reach grass roots African American audiences, examine (in real time) attitudes and knowledge about health issues and clinical trials education offered in their communities.
  • Research African Americans within various communities, networks and faith-based organizations to research their willingness to participate in clinical trials, and under what (disease) conditions. Also to find solutions to what is needed to gain their interest and trust in clinical trials.
  • Look for and develop opportunities to place generic health and clinical trials educational materials in front of African American audiences and to elicit responses to educational materials targeted to them.
  • Identify databases of community, lay and religious participants for inclusion in AACT Coalition.
  • Identify disease condition for clinical trials information resources within their community
  • Gather, analyze, chart and present findings and possible solutions for including minorities in clinical trials.

B. CEDRICT: AACT (African Americans in Clinical Trials) Coalition Component
The formation of an AACT Coalition is the second phase designed to partner with existing clinical trials education groups to specifically engage African American community and health advocates and networks that focus upon racial disparities in health care and clinical trials. The goals for developing the AACT Coalition are:

  • To form a replicable MODEL expressly for the purpose of communicating health resources to grass roots participants and to learn about clinical trials.
  • Provide continuing education and opportunities for constituencies to get information about ongoing clinical trials, and do so in informed fashion through a planned Coalition.
  • Initiate clinical trial awareness training to African American community leaders; helping them to gain understanding about clinical research studies, with possible outreach to their constituencies.
  • Create cutting-edge communication vehicles for offering continuing education about clinical trials participation and offers information about recruitment and retention to community.
  • Develop prototype for a mobile and online information outreach focused upon African American Health Matters; reporting on clinical trial education, and education specific to disease condition and trials.
  • Offer outreach resources to our 103 African American Networks on information about new avenues for health, disease and current clinical trials information.

C. 2009 Field Research Survey Results
In 2009, CEDRICT was a pilot to gauge the proposed metrics of the outreach. The field research was taken at four events representing national, regional and local constituencies.

It was shortly realized that statistics gathered showed that many (58%) of our audiences did not participate in clinical trials because (a) they were unaware of them or (b) would participate if they had more education about them. NPFR saw an opportunity to begin to develop new communication tools or "messengers" to aid both in the field research and to provide a means for disease, health and clinical trials education to our audiences immediately.

Shortly following the 2009 Summer events, C.E.D.R.I.C.T. developed a patient health education project entitled: "African American Health Matters," a mobile health text message service and multi-media outreach that educates and reminds subscribers about health matters critical to their daily lives.

Participants opt-in to receive health tips, find health, disease and clinical trials resources. The Mobile Text Service has grown to over 25,000 subscribers. The companion web site (http://www.africanamericanhealthmatters.com) taps into Black social networks, family groups, Greek, and professional organizations online.

There are three (3) educational components of African American Health Matters that address disease, health and clinical trials education; utilizing multi-media tools that African Americans have expressed are familiar to them as an outreach.

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Educational Outreach Components

The CEDRICT project has developed a patient and community health education project entitled: "African American Health Matters", a mobile text message service that reminds subscribing African Americans of all ages about health matters critical to their daily lives. The Mobile Health Text Message Service kicked off September 19, 2009 with nearly 5,000 ground-zero subscribers. In less than a year over 50,000 subscribers receive monthly and bi-monthly health tips messages. The companion web site, http://www.africanamericanhealthmatters.com, allows the health text message service to tap into a younger group of African Americans, and the professionals, educators and black entrepreneurs.

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