Community Advocacy Site Training
Manual & Directory

Description: 160-page Training Manual and Workbook on How to expand your minority patients through Community Advocacy Patient Recruitment.

Training Manual and Workbook comes with Community Advocacy Site Training Abstract, Needs Assessment, background and significance of this training, charts, testimonials and learning challenges for clinical professionals. There are samples of Pre and Post- Segment Surveys, articles, a sample appointment calendar for Community Advocacy Recruitment activities, and much more…

Six (6) Directories, including a Directory of Dallas African Americans and Hispanic Organizations, Picture Directory of “African American Health Matters” Patient Education Radio Show Interviewees with doctors and executives,  Five years of Lecture Series Doctors who have supported our patient education, The C.A.S.T. –Dallas Panel, listing of National Disease Organization contacts who support and partner with our patient education outreach and the TAMPA CAM Directory of Stakeholders.

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1 Training Manual - $115 (includes S&H)
2 Training Manuals - $225 (includes S&H)
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