When? The C.A.S.T.

The C.A.S.T. - Dallas
Community Advocacy Site Training Conference
& Dinner Lecture Series

Friday, April 4, 2014
Time: 4:00 – 8:00 p.m.


Who? You Should Attend if you’re a

Site Investigator, Clinical Research Coordinator, Site Nurse, Clinical Research Manager, Clinical Research Organization (CRO), Academic Research Organization (ARO), Primary Care or Health Care Provider involved with Clinical Trials., part of a Hospital or Medical Clinical Research team, Et alAlso   invited are African American and Hispanic Community Leaders, Patients, Survivors, Disease Organizations, Health Ministries, and Community Stakeholders.

How?  Through PRACTICAL Application

Finding a way to establish reliable communications and a trust level among African Americans, and Hispanics has proved to be a challenge to Clinical Trial Recruiters. Studies show a  “learned” sensitivity to and recognition of cultural and sub-cultural differences must be tackled face-to-face.  To gain this trust, to educate and successfully recruit and retain minorities, this face-to-face dynamics, presented by The C.A.S.T. will show you how it plays an important role in this ongoing process.

50 Hoops/NPFR Project
14902 Preston Road, #404-744
Dallas, TX   75254      Phone: 972-517-1254
Web Sites: www.50hoops.org, www.npfrproject.org

What? Workbook, Contacts

Workbook: Pre- Registered participants will receive
a 3-Ring Workbook of

  • C.A.S.T. Program Abstract
  • Site Investigator  “Learning Challenge"
  • Timeline and overview for each Segment
  • Directories of African American and Hispanic Stakeholders
  • Pre and Post Segment Surveys for Clinicians
  • Your “Certificate of Completion” for each of the three segments
  • Appointment journal for scheduling time with Stakeholders to talk about your trials and related disease therapies with their constituencies

Stakeholders, Community-Leader Panel

Dr. Robin Skrine
Mr. Zach Thompson
Mr. Timothy Upshaw
Mr. James Talley
Ms. Frances Vasquez
Ms. Elia Esquivel
Mr. Ron Sessions
Mr. Rick Thornton
Ms. Terry Wilson-Gray

Texas Harris Health
Director, Dallas County HHS
Methodist Hospital
JH Talley & Associates
Alzheimer’s Association
Hispanic Nurses Association
Parkland Hospital, Primary Care
Patient, Survivor
Director, Bridge Breast Network

Guest Facilitator:  Ms. E. Francis Jones

Francis Jones is the founder, President/Chief Executive Officer/Owner of Innovative Clinical Concepts, LLC (ICC),  ICC is a Clinical Trials Research Services Company that specializes in managing and conducting Phase II through Phase IV outpatient clinical trials involving pharmaceuticals, biological, implants, and other medical device products.  She retired from Eli Lilly and Company in 2003 with over thirty-four (34) years of excellent performance in scientific, quality and clinical operations in the pharmaceutical industry. She’s a national advocate of Minorities in Clinical Trials.

50 Hoops Presents:
The C.A.S.T.
Community Advocacy Site Training

For Better Recruitment of African Americans,
Hispanics and Underserved Communities


The C.A.S.T. Post-Training Survey »

Why? The Program Segments

The Challenge

The Educational Objective is to understand challenges within constituencies and explore ways to meet this challenge.  A Stakeholder, Community Leader Panel describes the problems from THEIR constituency viewpoint, noting key factors (they think) should be considered.

The Truth

The Educational Objective is to understand the "components" within the minority communities. The Stakeholder Panel discusses what types of education their constituencies need, why understanding of what treatment options are available, importance of networking and identifying the truth behind distrust as they see it NOW.

The Solution

The Educational Objective is for Clinicians to explore, among patients, stakeholders, community and health leaders, specific ways to bring education of  trial disease therapies to constituencies, in an environment and level THEY understand.


Where? OCBF Conference

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Educational Conference Center
1821 West Camp Wisdom Rd.
Dallas, TX 75232

To Register online click here or
call 972-517-1254

Deadline: March 14, 2014

THIS SITE CLOSES Registration MARCH 17, 2014.