50 Hoops

50 Hoops the first prostate cancer basketball tournament for men 50 and over, celebrating 14 years in 2011, which will premier the first “ 50 Hoops national basketball tournament, partnering with the Senior Olympics, and will have men 50 and over travel to Dallas on July 16, 2011 from across the country for this historic partnership.


NPFR (a division of 50 Hoops) conducts patient education and patient advocacy to improve health matters and to educate about diseases and clinical trials. NPFR has conducted seminars, workshops, lecture and dinner (patient education) series, with community
leaders in more than a dozen U.S. cities about diseases that critically affect African Americans.

And, because of the racial disparities in health care for African Americans, NPFR has launched a “ GROUND ZERO,” 3-year field research targeted African Americans who are mostly underserved, called CEDRICT (coalition to eliminate disparities and to research inclusion in clinical trials). CEDRICT will gather geographic, psychographic, socio-graphic information on the emerging African American urban culture and survey the health and educational needs of African Americans toward health care education in America, and their participation in clinical trials.


CEDRICT works with other community - based organizations to scout out those who are interested in both more education about clinical trials and health issues. Partners Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society, Patient Advocacy Foundation, Susan G. Komen Foundation and more.

Field research of thousands of African Americans is taken at key Black Expos and health fairs. Participants must optin to be notified of a trial, or opt-in to receive clinical trials educational materials. All of these organizations participate in the field research.

The CEDRICT project has developed a patient and community health education project entitled: “African American Health Matters," a mobile health text message service that reminds subscribing African Americans of all ages about diseases critical to their daily lives. African Americans in Clinical Trials or “AACT I Lecture Series” has evolved from CEDRICT as one of the landmark clinical trials patient education programs of 50 hoops/NPFR, touring dozens of cities annually. For the past two years, this has helped both minority patients and sites better understand their role together in new drug discoveries.

P&E Associates

P&E Associates is a specialty African American and minority patient recruitment company. It does not conduct surveys. The company outreaches with over 103 African American partner organizations nationwide, to locate minority patients and physicians for clients based upon specific disease therapies and in site cities. Evolving from the AACT I Lectures was the introduction of the “The C.A.S.T. Lectures” designed for Site Investigators to better understand from their OWN communities, how best to recruit both African American and Hispanic participants. P&E our health education partners notify subscribers to AAHM of national trials in in their selected disease category. (Request more information for P&E Associates.)


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