Minority Community Stakeholders talk candidly to CRPs about
HOW, realistically, to reach THEM..RIGHT NOW with important Clinical Trials.

What is the
CAM Luncheon

Community Advocacy MATCHMAKING (CAM) is a non CME Medical Education/MATCHMAKING Workshop for clinical research professionals (CRPs)


Who Should ATTEND? Who’s Invited?

Medical Doctors, PhD, researchers, Principal Investigators, Clinical Coordinators, Clinical Associates, trial nurses, clinical trials staff, advanced degree students working in clinical research/ trials as well as trial administrative personnel.


Stakeholder Panels

African American and Hispanic Community Stakeholder Panel discuss their unique constituencies and HOW to reach them

There are three phases to understanding how to recruit African Americans and Hispanic/Latinos into clinical trials: Understanding (1) The Challenge IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITY, in recruiting NOW. Facing (2) The Truth about why more minorities are not in your trials and (3) Looking at what THEY see as a SOLUTION to better, more expanded minority recruitment through utilizing their own COMMUNITY ADVOCACY RECRUITMENT MODEL.

Tampa Stakeholders and Community Leaders

Tampa’s Minority Stakeholders for the CAM Workshop come from many areas of the Tampa community. From Civic to Business to Social to Faith-Based, to Community Advocates to Academic Leaders to Ministers and the minority man/woman on the street. These are the experts. And, each is highly knowledgeable about their constituencies—the people THEY associate with, lead or work with. They understand that each African American or Hispanic/Latino Stakeholder constituency may require a different approach or different motivation to participate in clinical trials. The Stakeholders are guided to utilize a Community Advocacy Recruitment (CAR) Model.

This Event is produced by 50 Hoops™

50 Hoops is a 17-year-old national non-profit patient education organization. The National Physician and Family Referral (NPFR) Project partners to produce patient and medical education workshops, lecture series, conferences and programs to expand the education of African American and minority communities the U.S.

Clinical Professionals


Pre-registered medical participants will have access to the program, overview training materials. They will also have an opportunity to put information about their clinical trials in the MATCHMAKING program Directory of Stakeholders. Deadline for contact/trial info is April 3.

Minority Participation in YOUR Trials

At the end of the Luncheon, you’ll have an opportunity to present your clinical trial to the Stakeholders and community leaders participating. You should be prepared for many questions about dangers, benefits and uniqueness of your trial. Minority participation and retention in clinical trials depend upon a clear understanding about both the disease and the trial treatment discussed.


Bible-Based Fellowship Church,
Family Life Center Gymnasium
4811 Erlich Road,
Tampa, FL 33624

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CRP Certificate of Completion

CRPs attending will receive a (generic) Certificate of Completion, Luncheon Workshop Program and Directory of Stakeholder Panel

This event is Partnered with Moffitt Cancer Center and University of South Florida